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Hauling in the pitchers

Golf cart haulingWe ordered the bare minimum number of pitchers from the factory in Massachusetts, but that still turns out to be an awfully big order.  We estimate those seven pallets will keep our chicken waterer business going for two or three years.

Of course, getting the pallets off the tractor trailer was just the first part of the delivery expedition.  Bradley brought his wife, trailer, and stepson, and the stepson brought his truck, so we were able to ferry the pallets of pitchers back to our parking area from the main road.  The only tricky part was keeping Lucy out of harm's way --- it's a good thing Mark wears a belt, since that turned into an emergency leash.

Next step was moving the boxes into our barn.  Bradley's barn floor and Mark's hard work organizing made it possible to drive Stacking boxesthe golf cart through the doors, which sped things up considerably.  Add in the front and rear carrying boxes on the golf cart, the heavy hauler pulled behind, and the passenger seat area, and I could haul about fifty boxes per trip.

(We don't usually use the heavy hauler because it tends to bog down in the mud, but it's dry enough, and the pitchers are light enough, that the trailer made a good addition to this project.)

Despite these time savings, though, we only got about a third of the chicken waterer parts under roof before we called it quits yesterday.  Let's hope the other four pallets make it in before the 50% chance of rain for today saturates the floodplain.

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So impressive. Thanks for photos and good luck at beating the rain--love, mom
Comment by adrianne Tue Jul 31 09:41:22 2012
Mom --- Teamwork is right! I had some crazy notion Mark and I could unload the tractor trailer by ourselves if we had to, but were very happy to have the extra three sets of hands....
Comment by anna Tue Jul 31 09:44:50 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime