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Hauling gravel with an ATV

ATV gravel hauling and how I do it
This new bucket configuration allows me to haul 30 gallons of gravel.

Next would be to dream up some easier way of lifting each bucket from its crate.

Maybe some kind of crane structure with a hand cranked winch.

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Man, you should look in to a side by side utility. I picked up a John Deere Gator utility that had rust from golf course use (fertilizer) for under a thousand bucks, has a dump bed and is made for the kind of stuff you do.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Oct 3 22:51:24 2013
That sounds like a sweet deal. Anyway you could send us a photo of yours?
Comment by mark Fri Oct 4 11:49:07 2013
Just go see my latest blog post for pics!
Comment by Eric Fri Oct 4 23:07:33 2013

I reckon you could rig up a simple balance crane - perhaps a tripod of saplings, lashed at the top, with another sapling for the crane arm. Then a counterweight on the non-lifting end of the arm to take most of the load of a bucket of rocks. Maybe use a bucket of water for the counterweight, so you can adjust it easily for lifting different stuff.

With it set up just right, you should be able to easily lift a bucket of rocks and swing it over onto the ATV!

Comment by Darren (Green Change) Mon Oct 21 00:53:32 2013
Maybe its time to invest in an Atv trailer. They make some smaller ones with a plastic bed, Atv type tires, and the ability to dump. Seems like this could greatly improve your labor efficiency and save your back too.
Comment by jeff Wed Nov 6 08:13:45 2013

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