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Hauling, round two

Homemade plywood carrying device

Hauling plywood on the golf cartWith Mark on the job, our second round of plywood hauling went much more smoothly than the first.  While I was finishing up the inside walls of the homemade storage building, he wandered off to the barn and rigged a holder out of discarded boards within half an hour.  If I hadn't overloaded it ("Surely twelve boards won't be too many to carry between us!"), it would have been perfect, but as it was we barely made it two thirds of the way home.  Luckily, that's where dry ground begins, so Mark was able to go get the golf cart and drive our load back to the building.

Fiberglass insulationMeanwhile, I hauled in some more insulation using the old hoe trick.  You stick the handle of the hoe through the plastic wrapper of two rolls of insulation, pushing one roll all the way back to the hoe blade so that your head has room to sit between the two rolls.  Stuff some discarded underwear under your coat as a shoulder pad, and it's pretty simple to carry the insulation home.  Now we're all set to start on the ceiling next week!

"Is that men's underwear sticking out of your jacket pocket?" Mark asked in disbelief as I set out.

Our chick waterers are perfect to give baby chickens the clean water they need to get off to a good start on life.

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Remember when hanging the ceiling plywood that the strength is in the 8 foot direction. (two layers of wood grain going that way, with one layer the opposite in between.) So run the plywood across the joists lengthways.
Comment by Errol Sat Feb 13 09:30:57 2010
That's extremely good to know! Thanks! (Clearly, I should always post my plans on Friday so folks can give me some pointers before we begin work on Monday... :-)
Comment by anna Sat Feb 13 09:37:17 2010

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