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Halloween harvest

Halloween harvest

Sometimes it's a wonder we get anything done around here.  Take yesterday for example.  It was raining after lunch, so I wrote for an extra half hour, then went out to pull up the peppers in preparation for some of our last rye planting of the year. 

But Huckleberry followed me out and danced around enough that he got stung on the tip of his tail by a honeybee.  He ducked into my quick hoop for safety, so I had to drag him out from the lettuce, then carried the spoiled feline home along with a basket of cabbages.  It sure is a good thing Lucy is our usual work companion, not Huckleberry.

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:) Love these pics - You look like you are off to sell at the Farmer's Market with your hat and whole kit and caboodle!
Comment by Jayne Fri Nov 1 08:23:56 2013
As a crazy cat lady in training, I can't help but notice that you don't talk about your other kitty cat much. (Is his name Strider? I think it was from Lord of the Rings...) Is he ok?
Comment by Emily from Bristol Fri Nov 1 09:59:09 2013

Emily --- Thanks for asking! Strider is doing great, and has been much more cuddly ever since we got back from the beach. (I think he missed us.)

He's less of a show-cat, though --- he's scared of everyone except me, and tends to prefer to spend most of the day outside working even when I'm the only one around. So he rarely gets photographed. You might notice I nabbed a shot of him by the fire and put it in this post (although you might have thought it was Huckleberry, who looks very similar, but without the white). I mostly had to post about Huckleberry today because he was jealous we'd showcased Strider more recently than him. :-)

Comment by anna Fri Nov 1 12:00:00 2013
These are fantastic photos of you Anna! Do you plan on fermenting your cabbage? If not kraut, how do you like to eat it? Happy November!
Comment by Eva Fri Nov 1 17:37:13 2013
Eva --- Good question, and that could be its own post, but I'll just reply briefly here. We're not big kraut or slaw people, so I use our cabbages in non-standard ways. In the spring, most of our cabbage becomes the base of soups, but fall cabbages don't match up with tomato season. Yesterday, we had raw cabbage for lunch (which we sometimes pair with humus), and sauteed cabbage for supper. Today we might try roasting some like I do with brussels sprouts, and another favorite use is in potstickers (which I recently make as a casserole since we've ditched the grains). I hope that gives you some ideas!
Comment by anna Sat Nov 2 08:55:19 2013

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