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Growing into a Farm: Before the Walden Effect

Growing Into a FarmMy newest ebook, Growing into a Farm: Before the Walden Effect, is now live on Amazon.  Thanks to everyone who gave me title and cover suggestions!  If you missed it, you can read the introduction here, and the blurb is below:

"This is a love story in three parts about how I ended up with much more than I bargained for, and grew beyond the person I thought I'd be."

Anna Hess spent her early childhood chasing ornery cows back into the barn, eating all the strawberries before they got ripe so she didn't have to share them, and climbing sap-riddled pine trees.  The reality of farm life seemed to be summed up in one word --- bliss.  So when her back-to-the-lander parents threw in the towel and moved the family to a nearby town, Anna resolved to save her pennies and find a farm of her own, one that she would never have to leave.

A couple of decades later, Anna had bought the property, but soon realized she couldn't make her dreams come true alone.  When a friend set her up with a potential mate, Anna went along grudgingly.  "To be honest, at the time I was still pretty sure that a farm and a man were incompatible," Anna wrote, "and given the choice I leaned toward the farm."  Little did she know that the best partnership was a threesome --- a man, a woman, and a farm.

Full of photos, this book serves as a preface to the popular homesteading blog, Walden Effect.

The rest of this week's lunchtime series is going to regale you with the first section of Growing into a Farm, but if you want to see the parts with Mark in it, you'll have to splurge $1.99 on a copy of the complete book (which
can be read on nearly any device).  I'll also be setting the book free on Friday so my loyal readers can pick up a copy without paying, and those of you who prefer a pdf copy can email me Friday to get an emailed copy instead.  Thanks for reading (and double thanks if you find the time to leave a review on Amazon).  I hope you enjoy this light read to round out a busy gardening season!

This post is part of our Growing into a Farm lunchtime series.  Read all of the entries:

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I have $1.99 to spare. Definitely looking forward to reading this, and I'll review it once I'm done, too!
Comment by Stephen Mon Oct 28 12:22:26 2013
You ate the UNRIPE strawberries?! Grr.
Comment by Errol Mon Oct 28 12:28:58 2013

Stephen --- Thanks so much! I appreciate both the purchase and review very much!!

Daddy --- They're pretty good once they turn white. :-) I'll bet you wondered why we had so few ripe strawberries, huh?

Comment by anna Mon Oct 28 13:05:28 2013
I bought mine already. Looking forward to it. I love Love Stories! :-). Whats so wonderful is to find someone who can share the dream with you. Its rare, and its enviable. :-)
Comment by Deb Mon Oct 28 20:21:24 2013
I bought it and read it. It's a good story and now I need to read the rest.
Comment by Kitty Tue Oct 29 10:20:20 2013

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime