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Green grid thingamajig

unsticking the truck

It only took cutting down a tree, jacking up the rear wheel, scooting a grid thingamajig under the tire, and adding some weight to finally get the truck free.

The green grid thing got left behind by the crew who leveled out our trailer. They got their truck stuck in the mud and used a few of them to get out and I guess didn't want to get muddy by retrieving them.

I think we'll keep the cinder blocks in place to increase our traction.

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I always forget how much free stuff we get by having people get stuck in our muddy driveway. It seems like they drive away so fast, they don't want to stop to retrieve their tools. We got a good shovel that way too...
Comment by anna Mon Jan 24 17:29:17 2011
Chainlink works wonders for getting trucks unstuck too. We once used a section of chainlink to get my old 4x4 unstuck when high-centered. If you know anything about being high-centered as they call it, that's often the most difficult "stuckedness" to resolve. :D If you ever find any chainlink that is not salvageable for fencing, you may want to keep it in the back of the truck for such an incident.
Comment by Shannon Mon Jan 24 20:53:05 2011
Good idea! We'll have to keep our eyes open. I'll also have to do some research on "high centered" --- I hadn't heard that term before.
Comment by anna Tue Jan 25 18:22:23 2011
I have had a winch on the front of my truck since the 2nd month I bought it...I have used dozens of times...a few for me and a lot for others...its the ace up the sleeve when the 4wd comes up short.
Comment by maxgyver Tue Jan 25 19:41:11 2011

About halfway through our second round of trying to get the truck unstuck, Mark looked over at me and said, "If we had a winch..." He's been angling for one for years, but hasn't worn me down yet.

At this time of year, we usually do have a lot of mud, but this year it's really only two inches of mud on top of ice!

Comment by anna Tue Jan 25 19:55:47 2011

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