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Grease is the word that has groove and feeling

I recently discovered that white lithium grease is a much more appropriate lubricant to use than WD-40 when it comes to items that are open to the elements.

It provides a thick coat that stays in place and won't freeze.

The technical name for it is Cerflon, which uses a carbon-flourine bond to form a ceramic reinforced fluoropolymer.

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WD40 wasn't designed as a lubricant but as a Water Displacer. :-)

If you want a lithuim grease, better get a lithium grease paste (commonly sold as "white grease"). This liquid wrench stuff contains 40-70% tetrachloroethylene, one of the rather nasty family of chlorinated hydrocarbons. Take care not to get that on your skin.

A fellow I went to school with (and who had a part-time job as a car mechanic) once washed his hands in tetrachloroethylene. The skin on his hands then started bleeding from the pores. :-/

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Feb 11 12:20:47 2011
Bleeding from the pores does not sound good! Mark's going to have to be extra careful with this stuff, clearly.
Comment by anna Fri Feb 11 17:05:53 2011

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