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Gray Treefrog under dish strainer

Gray Treefrog on the sink

This ultra cute Gray Treefrog showed up today for a visit.

I looked around the sink area and found a gap I forgot about when we brought our gray water line into the trailer after burying it last year.

Is there a connection between Gray Treefrogs and gray water? I don't think so.

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Since I suspect someone will ask why we're bringing graywater into the trailer --- we're not. Mark uses that term as shorthand for the creek water that we use for non-potable purposes like cooking. You can read more about our system here.
Comment by anna Wed Jul 11 15:53:02 2012
It's frog time around here. I woke up with one in my bed Sunday morning. They eat a lot of bugs but I had to ask it to move on as I'm just not that way about frogs.
Comment by Oldfool Wed Jul 11 17:13:24 2012
Oldfool --- You gave us a pretty good laugh!
Comment by anna Wed Jul 11 18:55:18 2012

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