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Goat gloves

goat glove review start

These new goat gloves claim to be 67 percent better than cow leather, which will be worth the additional 50 percent to the price if they actually last that much longer.

The design and construction indicate an improvement, but time will tell if a goat really is tougher than a cow.

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It you want gloves that will last, try knitted kevlar gloves. It's very hardwearing. A normal knife can hardly cut it, and even a serrated knife has trouble cutting it.
Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Mar 31 12:17:02 2010
Kevlar?! It does sound very durable, but is it flexible? Have you tried it?
Comment by anna Wed Mar 31 14:57:10 2010

I've used kevlar extensively in composites. It's tough as nails. I did tests on kelvar laminates that shattered or even powdered the resin, and the fibers wouldn't break. It's also very abrasion resistant. When woven or knitted properly, it is very supply. Cutting it is very difficult.

You can also get kevlar gloves coated with different kinds of rubber on the palm side for extra grip. The rubber coating can be continuous or in dots.

Kevlar will not melt. At temperatures exceeding 800 °F it will start to decompose instead. It does age under UV light. But storing it inside will negate that to a large extent.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Mar 31 17:16:35 2010
I looked them up on Amazon --- it looks like they've almost reached the mainstream. Maybe once they hit our local stores we'll give them a shot.
Comment by anna Wed Mar 31 18:04:32 2010

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