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Generator fuel drainage

how to drain bad fuel out of a generator

Today was the day I stopped procrastinating on fixing the generator.

I was stuck on how to get the bad gas out when Anna had the great idea of elevating the entire unit with a bucket underneath. The gas drains out of the fuel cut-off valve after unhooking the black rubber hose.

Hopefully some fresh fuel and a new spark plug will bring it back to life, but I think I'll add half a can of Seafoam to clean out any of the old fuel residue.

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Fresh ethanol free fuel. Get it running, then trickle 2-3 oz of Seafoam through the carb while engine is running. Slowly or you'll flood it.
Comment by Anonymous Thu Jan 3 17:39:54 2013

When I first purchased my nice Dolmar chainsaws, the last thing I wanted to run into on such a high quality piece of equipment was a carb going bad from old gas, water in the fuel, or basically anything that our current gas will damage; I started putting in Marine Formula STA-BIL fuel treatment in every tank and then in every piece of equipment that I own that is a small engine 2 or 4 stroke. Never had any issues even on somethings that sat over 9 months at one point.

I wish I could get pure gas at a pump but even the marina's around don't have any. You'd think with boats and all they would.

Comment by Marco Thu Jan 3 21:44:05 2013

You learn new things every day. I followed the -seafoam- link above, and that led to a link that lists all gas stations that sell 100% gas.

Living in MA, where there are no such stations, I did not know you could still buy real gas. For small engines and boats being able to buy this is important.

Also using gas stabilizers during storage is even more important. A two year old snow blower taught me that $$$$ lesson!

Comment by Gerry Fri Jan 4 10:52:11 2013

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime