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Gardening twine

The twine we got for gardening.

I had some trouble finding twine in stores around here this Summer.

The twine on Amazon seems like a better value for 7 dollars.

It seems my Debian browser is having issues again with Amazon which is why there is no easy link to the twine.

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Hi Anna and Mark,

Browser 'trouble'.... I notice that the browser wars are heating up here as well.

Since I dumped non-Linux software, I run multiple browsers. Usually at least one will work. I even had a old version of Chrome running for a while. It is sad to see the differences in the same site displayed on different browsers.

I am typing this on your site using Dillo. By far my favorite. Particularly the older versions.

For PIG browsers I have SeaMonkey and Firefox loaded. I start them from the command line with a script that kills their history on start up. This seems to help a lot.

I have one on line bank site that seems to like SeaMonkey so far.

I think the talk about a 'secure' website is simply not true. I think the people saying such things have fuzzy brains! Banking on line. What a joke!

The only security is getting good a growing stuff like you and Mark.

Lots of fun :).

warm regards, John

Comment by John Thu Aug 25 11:12:43 2016

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