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Killertarian: Someone who only eats meat that they've killed or meat killed by someone else less than 2 degrees separated.

I think this is the new direction Anna and I are going in, I'm just not so sure about the term killertarian.

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What, you don't think Mother Earth News will pick up such a catchy name immediately? I think we should trademark it now while we still can! :-)
Comment by anna Tue Mar 15 20:08:24 2011

I just read through a bunch of your posts and wanted to comment somewhere, but wasn't sure where. So, I'll just do the most recent one!

I came across your blog and just <3 it. You are 5 years into doing what I dream of starting to do. It's very inspiring to see someone doing it!

Thanks :)

Comment by Ryan Tue Mar 15 22:43:30 2011
Comment by Amy Tue Mar 15 23:36:46 2011
Comment by Jerry Wed Mar 16 01:30:31 2011
Localvore is common and covers the subject. Localomnivore?
Comment by Errol Wed Mar 16 07:30:05 2011

Ryan --- Thanks! I hope you're inspired to dive right in and give it a try. It's very rewarding.

Amy --- That's a pretty good one. :-)

Jerry --- Responsivore is actually catchy enough that I could see people other than Mark using it.

Daddy --- Except it's not really the local part Mark is going for, so much as being involved in the food chain. (Not that he's against the local part, just that he thinks the latter is more important.)

Comment by anna Wed Mar 16 08:44:22 2011

We'll trade you some beef for some lamb if you want to diversify your meat cache. I still have 1/4 a deep chest freezer full of steaks and ground beef. And you know where it came from because you saw them gambling around my backyard in a video last summer. ;-)

How about Connectovore?

Comment by Everett Wed Mar 16 10:20:13 2011
Everett --- We'd be glad to trade some lamb for some beef. And I like connectovore!
Comment by anna Wed Mar 16 17:55:38 2011

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime