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Flood aftermath

The aftermath of the flood

The aftermath of the flood reveals no major damage, though I had to clear a lot of debris off the footbridge.  At least four snails seemed to have survived washing down the creek, and I carefully plucked them to safety on the shore before brushing the rest of the debris back into the water.  I pondered whether it would be worth it to harvest all of the sticks for mulch --- maybe next time.

Brought to you by Mark's homemade chicken waterer.

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comment 1
I really think those pictures capture a reality beyond words!
Comment by MERH Mon Sep 28 11:44:10 2009
comment 2
Thank you! I'm glad you liked them!
Comment by anna Mon Sep 28 12:24:02 2009
comment 3
Its sad to see all of that trash there though.
Comment by Everett Mon Sep 28 13:11:54 2009
comment 4
I know... :-/ Most of it seems to be empty water and soft drink bottles, which always look almost useful to me. I need to think of a way to turn them into something cool, then I'll have an incentive to pull them out of the creek as they float past!
Comment by anna Mon Sep 28 15:00:04 2009

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