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First sting

I got my first honeybee sting of the season yesterday while checking on our hives.  First of all, let me assure you that it barely hurt --- having spent all last summer getting mobbed by yellowjackets, I had forgotten that honeybee stings are nearly painless.  That said, after I came inside, I did a bit of research to prevent it from happening again.

My first and worst mistake was to open the hive on a cloudy day.  It had rained all morning, but by lunchtime the sun was peeking out.  The bees were just beginning to head out to forage, though, and the hive was extremely crowded.  No wonder one wandered up my sleeve (which should have been tucked in) and stung my arm.  I'm just glad the bee didn't sting while wandering over more sensitive areas looking for a way out.  Luckily, Mark didn't get a shot of me ripping off my shirt and running half naked toward the trailer. :-)

I found a very useful pdf with two pages of pointers on how to act while inspecting a hive.  I'll be more careful next time.

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Oh man, we've had our bees for a little over two months now and either we're total wimps or our bees have some super stingers. My wife got stung right on the nose (she was about 10 feet away taking video) on the day we installed the package. I just got my first sting a couple of days ago. We both agreed that it hurt like crazy!
Comment by Wayde Lawler Wed Jun 27 22:20:23 2012

Wayde --- On the nose has got to hurt. I've been stung in various places, and more sensitive parts of my anatomy hurt a lot more than others... :-)

The good thing about honeybee stings is that even if it hurts like crazy, it seems to go away in five minutes. (Versus a wasp sting that will still be aching an hour later.)

Comment by anna Thu Jun 28 06:58:46 2012

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