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Feed the bees

feed the bees
Today's the day we take the mouse guard off and start feeding the bees.

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I know this has nothing to do with bees but do you start tapping the trees for syrup at the sane time as you start feeding the bees? Thanks Donna
Comment by Donna Stroud Sat Feb 20 11:16:25 2016
Donna --- We decided to wait and just tap birches this year since we prefer that syrup. (Less sweet, so it gives you less of a sugar rush.) But if we were going to be tapping maples, we would have started in early February --- now's prime time!
Comment by anna Sat Feb 20 15:09:52 2016
Which feeder to do you use with your bees? Do you place it outside the hive, in a brooding chamber or in a super? Cant tell from the pic.
Comment by Mitch Sat Feb 20 20:25:16 2016
Mitch --- You can see the feeder in the foreground of the photo. It's just a simple entrance feeder --- a mason jar with holes in the lid that fits into a wooden container that pops in the entrance of a langstroth hive. With a Warre hive, it doesn't fit in the entrance, so I just set it nearby. Some people say that promotes robbing, but I haven't had a problem since I tend to feed all hives at the same time.
Comment by anna Sun Feb 21 12:55:29 2016

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