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A huge thank you to John, who sent me my first piece of author fan mail (along with a $5 bill.)  I love emails and comments, but I have to admit that knowing someone went to the trouble of printing out a note and putting it in an envelope made my day.

Amazon book salesI don't want you to think that there are strings attached with the pdf copies I email for free to our readers, though.  I appreciate every reader of our ebooks, whether they splurge to plop down 99 cents on Amazon or just ask for a free copy.  I never would have imagined that seven months into my Amazon adventure, I'd be selling nearly a thousand copies a month --- that's all due to you telling your friends and leaving glowing reviews on Amazon.  So thank you to all of our other readers too!  It's your enthusiasm that keeps us writing.

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Just wanted to point out one thing in response to your generous thank you. The response you have recieved is not just because people have spread the message of your ebooks, it is also because people can easily see the effort and detail you put into your writing and suggestions. So, while I agree that the spread is helped by those that pass along the message, the message has to be a good, well written, one to start with. Keep up the good work.
Comment by Brian Wed Sep 14 14:06:09 2011
Wow! Great to see the response you are getting. I check the blog most days but never requested the pdf copies of the Weekend Homesteader. It seems like a no-brainer that I would request them, but I just know the pdfs would end up on my "always growing but never gotten to" read later pile. Whenever I think of that unread pile it overwhelms me and I just wander off and eat a cookie.
Comment by Lisa Wed Sep 14 14:45:42 2011

Brian --- Thanks for saying that! I'm always glad when I can reach more people.

Lisa --- I know exactly what you mean. I actually broke down and got an ebook reader this spring beause I had compiled so many interesting free pdf files from the web and just couldn't get myself to read them on the computer....

Comment by anna Wed Sep 14 19:52:42 2011

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