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FODMAP reintroduction phase

Low FODMAP lunch

I'm now officially a FODMAP believer. After months of awful diarrhea, nine days of a low FODMAP diet turned me 100% regular. Time to start adding categories back in to see which one(s) were messing me up.


I started with milk, which I was pretty sure wasn't going to cause a problem. After all, I'd never had trouble with lactose intolerance in the past. Day 1 --- one quarter cup of milk and all's well. Day 2 --- half a cup of milk and back to the explosive diarrhea.

The interesting part is that my symptoms occurred eight hours after imbibing. Which means all of my previous correlation analyses (I ate x and then ran to the bathroom immediately) are invalid.

Time to rest the gut again, then move on to test two. Shall I hit honey (fructose) or garlic (fructans) next?

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My friend ate milk, cheese, etc all her life. Then she got sick like you. She had developed lactose intolerance. Now she has to avoid some of her favorite foods. Here's a link to some info. Maybe you're not intolerant, though. Could be something else that the site suggests. Good luck.

Comment by Kris Fri Nov 4 07:48:31 2016

Eight hours seems a long time for lactose intolerance to manifest itself. According to an overview I found it takes 2.5 to 3 hours for 50% of your stomach content to be emptied into the small intestine.

According to Wikipedia symptoms typically appear between 1/2 and 2 hours after drinking milk.

Comment by Roland_Smith Fri Nov 4 15:16:54 2016

Hi Anna,

Most [30 yrs at least] of my adult life I suffered from PAT [fast beating of atrium].

Medicine could not help. Nothing. over the years I tried a lot of different things.

Eventually I discovered that the whole thing was food allergies somewhere in the later part of my guts.

I would eat beef or tomatoes or onions or worse yet a combination and 4 1/2 days later I would feel VERY strange and often my heart would be off and beating VERY rapidly for a 1/2 day or so with all sorts of other symptoms.

In college I once rode my bike over to the infirmary to look for help and measured a heart rate of 320 when I got off my bike!!

Eventually I fixed my diet [bone broth or whatever] and my gut now seems to have somewhat healed. I still take it very easy on beef, even pastured beef, but tomatoes and onions seem to be OK.

I can't remember the last time I had an episode.

I hope you too can 'figure yourself out' and are eventually relieved as much as I have been.

I would suggest reading Natasha Campbell-McBrides book Gut and Psychology Syndrome or just looking closely at her website

That is what I am doing today and it seems to be making me feel better each day.

I really hope you are back to 'normal' soon!!

My kale is still alive and yummy.

Thanks again for your most helpful website :).

warm regards to you both, John

Comment by John Fri Nov 4 17:31:41 2016
If it is goat milk you are drinking, what they eat may be the culprit rather than the milk itself.
Comment by wewally Fri Nov 4 18:04:32 2016
I was desperately sick for nearly a year, from enjoying a gallon of raw cow's milk. It tasted like milk would taste if they served cow's milk in heaven. Now I know I'll have to actually be in heaven before I can taste it again. How could something that wonderful harbor something that evil?
Comment by Susan Kite Fri Nov 4 22:13:18 2016
I'm glad the fodmap diet has been working. I had a similar experience in the 1970s after being a hiking counselor one summer (no water filters back then). I had lots of stomach discomfort and diarrhea for months. They tested me for everything, had me stop dairy for a couple of weeks - came up with nothing so diagnosed me with IBS. Then unrelatedly I got a terrible sore throat and couldn't eat anything for over a week, ended up on IV in the hospital. But when I recovered and started eating again my stomach was back to normal! Never had a problem since. Hoping the same for you.
Comment by Katherine Sat Nov 5 22:49:23 2016

After months of diarrhea I too became desperate. After the diagnosis of celiac + collagenous colitis and changing to the SCD diet I found relief. This digestive stuff is tricky.

Comment by Nancy Tue Nov 8 16:07:51 2016

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