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Electric chicken pasture nose wire

Lucy in the field with power

This nose high strand of electric fence wire will help to keep Lucy out and any other stray critters that might be a potential threat when she takes her random naps.

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Comment by zimmy Wed May 12 17:48:59 2010
If we're lucky, she'll only have to get zapped once.
Comment by anna Wed May 12 19:34:32 2010
I am having a difficult time trying to figure out what "nose high" means. Is this when Lucy is sniffing near the ground, when she is sitting,standing, jumping, or digging? How high is "nose high?
Comment by Sheila Wed May 12 21:52:37 2010
That's nose high sniffing. Lucy seems to go for weak spots right above ground level, and we figure a judicious shock next time will prevent that behavior. Electric fences are really meant to be a deterrent, not a barrier, so they don't need to be at all the levels Lucy could potentially get to. (Although, with deer, I hear that you need to string the fence up quite high to take jumping into account.)
Comment by anna Thu May 13 09:00:50 2010

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