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Driveway date for a goat

Goat agility training

"Phew!" I thought to myself Friday as I walked home in the gloaming. My family and I had spent another long day feasting and walking and canoeing, then I'd cleaned up the community house and lugged home two gallons of turkey stock. I was ready to get back to my usual routine.

Prepping the car for a goat

But Artemesia was yelling her head off even though she should have been sound asleep. And when I pulled out the buck rag Saturday morning, she wagged her tail like crazy. It was time for our grand adventure.

Ready for a ride

Luckily, I'd chatted with a local goatkeeper named Tonya three weeks ago and had an open invitation to bring my doeling to visit one of her three bucks. For the sake of herd sanitation, she insisted upon a driveway date, but she also promised me a do-over if the first time failed. So Mark spread the tarp across the back seat of the car, Artemesia jumped gamely inside, then we wound down country roads for an hour and fifteen minutes until we reached Tonya's house.

Breeding pen

Tonya raises Nigerian dwarf goats and she recommended her largest stud, Monte, to do the deed. He's got the best milking lines of the three choices, and he also turned out to be a gentleman, willing to romance Artemesia until she got in the mood.

It didn't take long. Our doeling was pretty much in the mood from the get-go. We watched as he licked at her pee, licked at her back, licked at his own pee, then got to work.

Goat sex

He did the deed a couple of times, but Tonya wasn't 100% convinced. Despite seeing semen, she would have liked to also see Artemesia tuck the lower half of her body down as Monte climaxed.

Goat courtship

But after a couple of go-rounds, Artemesia was getting bored with the whole thing. "Been there, done that," she told us. So we took her home, knowing we'd get another chance for our $75 if she comes back into heat in December.

Mountain goat

All told, Artemesia's date went much more smoothly than I'd expected. She was a sweetheart in the car, Abigail didn't have a fit while her herdmate was gone, and we all got home by mid afternoon. And, hopefully, I can start calling Artemesia a first freshener after this instead of a doeling.

Now maybe we can have a restful Sunday with no family or goat dates to pull me off the farm.

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