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Drill powered plucking

drill powered plucker review

We tested a new drill powered plucking device today.

Anna and I retired 5 chickens this morning, and the Power Plucker made that process go faster than our DIY plucking board. Once we got the hang of using the right speed and angle it went even faster. Safety glasses and leather gloves are recommended.

It seems to be built to last and the price is only 30 dollars. Big thanks to Bradley for taking a break from building to be our photographer.

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In the interest of full disclosure, we got our plucker free so we could review it. But I still would have thought it was worth the price if I'd paid for it --- quite a time-saver!
Comment by anna Tue Jul 24 17:03:59 2012
Does it get off all the pin feathers, too? Any problems with the skin tearing? Do y'all do the ice bath step? I've only plucked a few birds, but it is definitely not a very enjoyable task for me. Then again, neither is the evisceration. ;)
Comment by mitsy Tue Jul 24 18:59:44 2012

Mitsy --- It actually does quite a good job about taking off pin feathers. You'll still need to do a little bit of hand-plucking (depending on how well you scald and how good you get at moving the bird around the plucker fingers), but not much. I was impressed not to see any skin tearing --- I'd had some with our plucker board. No ice baths here, although I believe the manufacturer of the plucker fingers recommends it.

Actually, I find evisceration soothing, now that I've gotten the hang of it --- vastly superior to plucking. :-) But I didn't feel that way for the first twenty birds or so, so I know where you're coming from!

Comment by anna Tue Jul 24 20:20:36 2012