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Do it yourself PVC snake pole

how to make a diy snare pole or critter catcher or animal grabber

We didn't get the snake today, but now we're ready.

If you need to do a lot of animal grabbing then maybe the deluxe critter catcher for 140 dollars could be justified, but threading the right size rope through a PVC pipe is a lot cheaper.

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I've always just used a forked stick to hold the snake's head down and then grabbed it, but I guess then you still have to actually handle the snake.

On another note, have you ever eaten a snake? They're surprisingly tasty.

Comment by Jake Wed Sep 3 22:46:13 2014
What do you do with any snakes caught?
Comment by Jim Sun Dec 14 08:36:18 2014
Jim --- This contraption is meant to deal with snakes who sometimes come back day after day to eat the eggs in our chickens' nest boxes. We figure, if we can catch the offending snake, we can relocate it and thus solve the lost-egg problem without any loss of life.
Comment by anna Mon Dec 15 18:24:48 2014
Sorry, when I interfere. But this is the worst tool, to catch a snake or any other animal alive. You don't want to get caught by a snare yourself. Do you? I'm doing snake rescue service, and have to deal with cobras quiet often. Sometimes I met the common rescue service of our island on site. Unfortunately they were on site earlier than me, and caught the cobra with snare. I asked them to hand it over, and I would take care of the relocation. I kept it in observation over night, and it didn't survive, because of the bruises inside the throat. After that I asked them to stop using the snare, but they were to scared to learn the proper way from me. So I asked them to bring me all snakes for observation. And I found the same case again. In the morning I found some of them dead. So pleeease don't recommend this tool. It's just torture. It's even better to kill the snake straight away. I don't understand, why people think, that snakes don't feel anything. They're pretty sensitive. Try the snare on yourself, and you can imagine what they feel. Please call the local snake relocation service or private reptile keepers. They know how to deal with snakes in a proper way. Thank you! By the way... there are not many chicken egg eating snakes on this world. And if you find one, it wont be dangerous. Not necessary to use any of the available snake catcher tools. ;)
Comment by Stefan Wed Nov 23 07:23:54 2016
Reading through the comments here, I noticed that Stefan said not to use a snare, but failed to mention what HE uses. So, what he said means nothing.
Comment by TrainChaser Tue Jul 4 19:15:14 2017

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