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Diy solar powered refrigerator

  diy solor powered refrigerator
Emily Cummins is a 21 year old student/inventor who has come up with a clever and simple way of using the sun to cool things like perishable food and temperature sensitive medications. The concept works with no electricity and can be built with materials like cardboard, sand, and recycled metal.

It takes advantage of conduction and convection to create an evaporative cooling effect. You place what you want to keep cold in the interior chamber and either some sand, wool, or soil in the outer chamber that gets saturated with water. The sun warms the water soaked material...the water evaporates, reducing the temperature of the inner area to 43 degrees Fahrenheit for days at a time. To recharge you only need to add more water once your material gets dry.

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comment 1
This is like the evaporative coolers they use to air condition houses in the southwest and other dry climates. It doesn't work in a humid area.
Comment by Errol Sun Aug 2 21:01:52 2009
comment 2
That's exactly what Mark and I were talking about last night! He knows all about swamp coolers and suspected the same thing....
Comment by anna Mon Aug 3 07:31:38 2009

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