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Dancing pool table?

making a door frame for access into storage area

It's funny how an open space makes you think of possibilities.

Anna's first idea when she saw our new barn floor was how it would make a nice dance area. For me I saw enough elbow room for a pool table.

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Dance on top of the pool table? That would likely require copious amounts of alcohol, though, and from what I gather, y'all don't imbibe too frequently. :)
Comment by mitsy Fri Jun 1 14:19:54 2012

Mitsy --- That sounds even more dangerous when drunk... :-)

Mark --- I like your pool table idea better than my dance floor.

Comment by anna Fri Jun 1 15:55:11 2012

Pool tables on the other side of alligator swamps sound way less predictable.


Comment by Maggie Fri Jun 1 16:07:28 2012

Have a barn dance to welcome the new floor to the homestead.

Then build/purchase a pool table that can be converted to a food table for future barn dances.

Comment by Mona Fri Jun 1 19:42:12 2012
Mark, You get the pool table and I'll go down to play you a game or two. Nowever, Mona has a good solution for both except that it might be difficult to dance around a pool table and a real slate table is VERY heavy and is not moveable like a small plain, non-table.
Comment by Sheila Fri Jun 1 21:50:36 2012
I love everyone's suggestions! I think Sheila's right, though --- there's not room for both a pool table and a dance floor. We'll see if there's even room for the pool table plus all of the stuff that needs to be organized into that space --- maybe that'll be an incentive to get rid of a lot of it?
Comment by anna Sat Jun 2 10:19:41 2012

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime