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DIY chicken feed trough

do it yourself home made diy chicken feed trough

A simple chicken feed trough can be built with furring strip sections and 10 drywall screws.

This cheaper quality wood demands the use of a pilot hole when drilling near the edge, otherwise you run the risk of cracking it.

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Do you have a problem with chicks perching on the edge and soiling their food? I had that problem once, but I put on peak ends, and a freely spinning dowel that dumped them off if they tried to land there. Or maybe my chicks were just morons....
Comment by Eric in Japan Mon Apr 30 17:49:46 2012
I made one of these last year, with scrap 3/4" pine, mine featured a V shaped trough. Same basic design, works very well, except the birds like to walk on/in it and poop sometimes. I was thinking of adding a bar, raised up and centered down the length, with a loose pipe or tube slipped over the bar. I'm hoping this would cause the chickens to fall off if they try to perch on top.
Comment by Dave V Mon Apr 30 17:50:36 2012

Eric --- This is for the mature laying flock, so we're hoping the size of the hens (big) vs. the size of the trough (small) will prevent that. We'll soon see! I like your spinning dowel idea.

Dave --- Sounds like you and Eric are on the same wavelength. :-)

Comment by anna Tue May 1 12:12:09 2012

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