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DIY Low budget GPS animal tracking

mr lee's awesome gps tracker

mr Lee's GPS map up close
Have you ever wondered how far out your pet roams during the day and at night?

Thanks to a cat named Mr Lee it is now possible to track your animal on a plug and play level.

The low end gizmo records up to 30 hours of prowling and needs to be downloaded via USB cable. 44 dollars.

The high end version transmits live data through GMS cel phone technology.
125 dollars.

Both interface with Google maps and claim to be easy to use.

I could see this being handy for goats and sheep or just about any level of livestock bigger than a chicken.

It would be interesting to see where Lucy spends her time, but I predict Huckleberry's map would only consist of him going from the couch to the chair to his basket with multiple trips to his food dish.

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The cats that I've had, this collar most likely would be found under the bed while the cat was out wandering around.
Comment by Edward - Entry Level Dilemma Mon Aug 23 20:54:11 2010
Good point. Our cats have never worn collars, and I suspect they wouldn't be interested in starting now. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Aug 24 08:17:54 2010

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