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Crocuses and snowdrops, oh my!

Crocus and snowdrop

I spent most of last week lying on the couch, nursing a cold.  While I was otherwise occupied, spring came.  Crocuses!  Snowdrops!

I thought it was an abnormally cold winter this year, but the truth is that the snowdrop popped up right around the same time it did two years ago and the crocus is three weeks ahead of last year.  Maybe all that snow actually kept the earth warmer than usual?  I think I can get away with planting a bed of early peas!

Our chicken waterer never spills or fills with poop.

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After reading this, I went out and found our crocus today. We always have only one. :-)
Comment by Brandy Sun Feb 20 15:07:29 2011
But at least it's a dependable one!
Comment by anna Sun Feb 20 16:43:22 2011

Well its good to see someone is enjoying good weather somewhere. The snow has finely melted here in NE Ohio but now we are having a snow storm as I write this comment. WE can always expect to have snow clear into April because lake Erie's water is warm and the air is cold (lake effect). I only wish I had bought property down south somewhere.

Comment by zimmy Sun Feb 20 17:58:23 2011
When we were up in Ohio last week visiting Mark's folks, I could tell that their winter was a bit too much for me. I do love winter, but I also love February days with bare soil and flowers poking up! Hang in there --- it'll come to you too!
Comment by anna Mon Feb 21 08:16:33 2011

I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally think this has been a really ABNORMAL April! April is usually a warm, breezy month with rain and sun-shiny days...this April has been miserable and dreary and COLD and not a lot of rainfall.

This is honestly the first time EVER that I've started to consider that maybe all of that global warming stuff wasn't just scare-tactic media to sell more blue recycle bags...I'm thinking its real and those nasty climate changes are hitting NE Ohio right now - this year!!!

Comment by Connie Wed Apr 20 19:42:48 2011
I think we're getting all of your rain. We often have a flood or two in the spring, but in the last two months, floods have been a weekly occurrence! On the other hand, we have been enjoying stunning temperatures and sunshine over the last few weeks, so I can't complain.
Comment by anna Wed Apr 20 19:54:15 2011

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