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County Fair

Anna trying to start old machine 1911
We had a fun time exploring the Russell County fair today.

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Old hit-n-miss engine?
Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Sep 7 20:06:22 2015
I do believe what you said is indeed what he called it. Since I didn't know what that meant, I just latched onto the description of what it's for --- a grist mill for grinding corn into meal.
Comment by anna Mon Sep 7 20:46:34 2015

It's actually quite clever.

The engine has a (usually centrifugal) limiter, that keeps the exhaust valve open and inlet valve closed if the engine is running fast enough.

In that case the engine basically just pumps air, but delivers no power and also uses no fuel.

When the engine speed drops enough, the mechanism disengages and the engine makes a full power cycle again.

This kind of mechanism is kind of making a comeback in (rediculously overpowered) modern cars where say 4 out of 8 cilinders can be disabled to save fuel.

Comment by Roland_Smith Tue Sep 8 02:32:26 2015

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