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Comforter drying rack

Laundry day

Late April is the perfect time to slip in some extra laundry days.  And Wednesday was a perfect late April drying day, with lots of sun and some gentle breezes to blow the sheets dry.

Comforter drying rack

I always come up upon a problem in my washing campaign at this time of year, though.  I like to wash some heavy things like comforters and winter coats right around now, but these items are too big to fit through the wringer.  And, un-wrung, the wet items are too heavy for me to carry to the line and too heavy for the line to hold up.  But I figured out last year that if I just wash one bulky item per day, I can drape it over the wringer washer, flip it over once and squeeze out some of the water collecting in the bottom edges, and have a clean, dry comforter in less than 24 hours.  That's right --- a wringer washer does double duty as a drying rack!

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I've finally fired up my old Kelvinator wringer washer. The wringer though appears to be getting white off on the clothes. Any idea where to get parts? I've been searching online and haven't yet found anything. I think I need to replace the rollers themselves. The agitator is fantastic, so for the first load I just hand wrung and dried everything in the greenhouse.
Comment by Charity Thu Apr 24 16:37:14 2014

Charity --- I think you're more likely to find parts the way you do for old cars. Maybe not literally at the junk yard, but by finding someone with a broken wringer washer that has pieces that fit yours.

When ours needs fixing, Mark generally just makes the parts out of odds and ends he finds in the barn. :-)

Comment by anna Thu Apr 24 17:08:10 2014

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