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Cold weather slows worm composting

Red wormsA cold week slowed down decomposition action in our worm bin.  I'd gotten used to seeing worms in last week's bedding when I went to put in the next week's scraps, but this Friday the worms seemed to be hanging out only in the older food.  I'll cut back a bit on the amount of food I add to the bin while waiting for warm weather to return.

I wonder if our worms were huddled up into these clusters to stay warm, or if every worm just happened to want to eat the same tasty morsel? 

Our chicken waterer gets chicks off to a healthy start from day 1.

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My suspecion is that they are trying to stay warm. They will eat what there is to eat, but need to stay warm in order to function well just like us humans!!!
Comment by Sheila Sun Apr 3 21:52:01 2011

Not for warmth, not for food; 'twas for sex those worms assembled :-)

(you have to look really closely at the photo) lol

Comment by J Sun Apr 3 22:19:23 2011

Sheila -- that was my guess too, but...

J --- ...this makes much more sense. No wonder my worms are too busy to eat. :-) I hope it's a good sign that they're having sex and not a sign of environmental stress.

Comment by anna Mon Apr 4 07:11:54 2011

I ran into some great data on the internet. Looks like this probably is a good sign.

  • Worms reproduce if conditions are good and there is plenty of food and bedding

  • Worms reproduce when they bump into each other, so when I pushed all of the old bedding together, I'll bet I initiated the mating frenzy.

Comment by anna Mon Apr 4 07:18:41 2011

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