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Chipmunk builders in love video

This video started out as a serious summary of Monday morning's work on the homemade storage building.  Then I sped it up so you wouldn't be sitting around waiting for something to happen.  And suddenly the chipmunk noises made me laugh.

Mark watched it and said something along the lines of, "That's nice, dear."  I think I may just have an odd sense of humor....  Hope at least a few of you get a kick out of it. :-)

This post is part of our Building a Storage Building from Scratch series.  Read all of the entries:

Part 1: Foundation
Part 2: Floor
Part 3: Walls and scavenging lumber
Part 4: Adding the loft
Part 5: The roof
Summing it up:

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I love it.
Comment by Shannon Tue Jan 19 09:10:23 2010
I'm glad you enjoyed it. Like I said in the last comment, my voice never sounds quite the way I imagined it once I get on video. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Jan 19 09:50:13 2010
Cute! It looks like the building is coming along a faster clip now.
Comment by Everett Tue Jan 19 10:48:54 2010
Finally! It's amazing how temperatures above freezing will speed along outdoors projects. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Jan 19 12:00:58 2010
That was a good chuckle. I like the windows and that looks like a cool loft. Isn't building therapeutic. Can't wait to see it finished. Is this your bath house or just the office/storage? I think you had said earlier that there is nothing quite like having a bath outside. It's on my to-do list when we move to the country. :) Happy building.
Comment by Heather Wed Jan 20 14:49:24 2010
We were originally thinking bathhouse, but then we changed our minds. Now we're thinking Mark's office and workspace, and then use the room that's opened up in the trailer to turn into a bathing area (with new windows.) Then probably a second bathing area outside for balmy summer days... :-)
Comment by anna Wed Jan 20 15:37:50 2010

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