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Chicks love cats?

new chick running with our cat?

When we first started putting our new chicks outside we put up a small fence to keep them from wandering too far.

Turns out a few really brave chicks would find a way through the fence and get upset when they realized getting back in is not as easy or fun as escaping.

We took away the fence and noticed they didn't go more than a few feet from the brooder. It feels like they're getting lessons in foraging for food sooner than our previous attempts at hatching chicks but that's hard to prove.

Our cats Huckleberry and Strider deserve a medal for figuring out the chicks are connected to us and are not available for a quick snack.

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Growing up we had all sorts of animals, but always cats. We found that most of our cats were very good at determining which animals were pets and which werent. Although in our case it was pretty clear (inside versus outside) I wish now that we'd gotten video of it, but my sister had a hamster who loved to run around in his ball and play with the cats. The cats took a bit getting used to THAT.
Comment by Emily Thu Jun 20 17:09:32 2013

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