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Chicken pasture problems part 2

chicken pasture problems part 2

This is the 4th breach of security for the chicken pasture perimeter thanks to Lucy and her naughty behavior.

Since the spring mowing and future fence building is starting to crunch our time I think I'm leaning more towards that nose high stretch of electric fence wire as a new method of keeping her out.

With any luck Lucy will get the message right away and reclaim her title as best dog in the galaxy.

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Being that the chicken pasture parameter fence has been compromised on 4 separate occasions, will this now void the chicken pasture contest. Or was their a quick containment of the break out.
Comment by zimmy Tue May 11 17:45:12 2010
I found the electric fence extremely effective. Once the dog shocks himself once on the nose they avoid the area.
Comment by Lisa Tue May 11 19:29:57 2010

You made me laugh. :-) Don't worry, they were contained quite quickly --- in fact, they seemed a bit afraid of the outside world. (They still haven't really spent all that much time in the furthest corner of the pasture.)

I need to post a pasture update one of these days soon! The chickens and the weeds currently seem to be neck to neck.

Comment by anna Tue May 11 19:36:15 2010
Lisa --- we were hoping we could train her, but food seems to be Lucy's one untrainable spot. If something looks edible to her, she eats it!
Comment by anna Tue May 11 20:04:39 2010
ok, now that picture made me giggle!
Comment by Emily on the Southern Prairie Wed May 12 15:00:35 2010
I know! Chickens are the one type of animal that aren't really sure they want to flee the coop when given a hole in the fence. "Geez, is it really safe out there?"
Comment by anna Wed May 12 15:23:46 2010
I've been following Lucy's antics. We all have our eccentricities. I hope she has an iron stomach.
Comment by Lisa Wed May 12 23:19:58 2010
I think Mark's a little bit leery of shocking her --- he hasn't turned the fence on yet! :-)
Comment by anna Thu May 13 09:01:59 2010

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