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Change of seasons

Woodland sunflowerI used to think I had a favorite season, but recently I've discovered that I just like seasons in general.  I love the way you can start to feel winter losing its grip on the world by New Year's, when the days get noticeably longer.  And now, in the middle of the dog days of summer, I cherish the first inklings of fall in the air.

Autumn flowers are slowly opening --- first a shade-tolerant goldenrod, then this woodland sunflower, then hints of ironweed and Joe Pye weed.  Here and there, a drought-stressed tree loses a brilliantly colored leaf, and I continue to plant the fall garden (peas and turnips this week.)

This post has no thesis, except this --- I would be a very bad candidate to retire to Florida.

Our homemade chicken waterer keeps your flock cool during the dog days.

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I love seasons as well. I've seen and heard the geese heading south already the past couple of days, and I love the reminder of the cold weather in the midst of all this heat!

I was so unhappy in AZ where everything felt kind of backward. Fall always felt like spring because we'd just spent all summer closeted inside, and could be comfortable going out again. It was all just too weird for a four seasons girl like me.

Comment by Bethany James Mon Jul 26 16:34:56 2010
It's funny how in the winter I'm itching for spring, but in the summer I'm itching for fall just as much! I think I'm just sick of weeding. :-)
Comment by anna Mon Jul 26 19:00:23 2010

I'm another one who likes having changing seasons; it seems to me that there is something to love in every season, but when seasons don't behave the way they're supposed to (for instance, 95 degree days in October), I get cranky!

It's starting to sound like late summer here, and the reminder that this season is starting to wind slowly down is enough to get my mind off the heat and instead to glory in the the season's bounty and joys! :)

Comment by Ikwig Mon Jul 26 22:08:53 2010
It really is the sounds that grab you, isn't it? Those cicadas seem to call in the autumn.
Comment by anna Tue Jul 27 07:50:54 2010

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