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Chainsaw carrying bag review

carrier bag for chainsaw being reviewed after 6 months on the job protection

Its been almost a year since I started using the new chainsaw protective carrying bag, and I'm ready to report that it's definitely worth 20 dollars.

The zipper is less than perfect, but not really needed as long as you don't hold your bag in an upside down fashion.

I like the feeling of having all my chainsaw gear in one place, and it's nice to just grab the bag and know you've got most of your safety gear ready to go. Which reminds me that I need to get around to ordering a pair of chainsaw chaps.

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I've been considering a hard plastic case for my chainsaw, for around $40 It's oversized to fit some gear with the saw. Do you think this would have any advantages over a less expensive fabric bag? Is your bag from Stihl?
Comment by Dave V Wed Apr 4 17:21:01 2012
I think it's a pain putting a saw into and removing it from one of those plastic cases. Like Mark, having all the "stuff" handy is appealing to me, but I went for a bag for the stuff. Sears (and places like Lowe's and Home Depot) sell tool bags that have a large opening into the big main compartment and several pockets on the outside, the 13" model was around $10 IIRC.
Comment by Heath Wed Apr 4 18:54:06 2012

Dave --- A hard plastic case sounds like it might be heavier. But on the plus side, I'd bet it's water resistant, which this bag isn't. (Not that we accidentally leave our tools out in the rain --- never! :-) ) I think Mark's bag might be an official Stihl bag.

Heath --- Mark didn't mention in his post, but he likes the way the bag makes the saw easier to carry too. Since we're often lugging it to remote locations, it makes a difference to have the heaviest piece of equipment attached to a shoulder instead of a hand! If you don't have to do that, though, I can see how putting the saw in the bag wouldn't be worth it.

Comment by anna Wed Apr 4 19:40:36 2012

I think a plastic case would be more durable, and a short google search shows that Northern Tool has a nice looking one for 25 dollars. Ours is showing some wear, but I think its got a lot of life left in it, and if it gets too bad I'll break out some heavier fabric and beef it up.

What the soft case has over the plastic is a built in shoulder strap, which is important for me as it helps when I need to also carry a shovel for digging around stumps. It also has extra space for gear and a small fuel tank, and from looking at the pictures I don't think you can carry a small gas can in any of the plastic ones, but I have not done an exhaustive search.

Comment by mark Wed Apr 4 19:51:47 2012

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