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Centering a pot

Kayla is one of the best people I've ever met at finding free and fun activities close to home. This time, she rustled up an adult art class funded through the 21st Century Learning Center grant program. First installment --- pottery!

I realized two things as I tried to remember how to throw a pot. First --- it's been over twenty years since I last put fingers into clay anywhere other than the garden. Second, my teenage self had no idea how centering it is to center a pot. I spent two hours coning and centering my clay, rarely bothering to open a pot and never keeping a finished object. And I came home so serene and fulfilled that I enjoyed the best night's sleep I'd had in over a month.

Thanks so much for letting me come, Kayla and D.D.! Now to take that lump of homework clay and turn it into an actual object rather than a bowlful of slip.

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Unfortunately, now that Trump and the Republicans are in power, that grant will be cut along with a lot of other arts programs. Contrary to popular opinion (or should I say "alternative facts?") arts programs are very important especially for childrens' development. There have been numerous studies that showed that a child taking music classes, for example, does better in math and science.

Ah well. I guess the dumbing down of America is just going to continue. Sigh.

Comment by Nayan Fri Mar 24 08:15:17 2017

The Birthplace of Country Music Museum has a series of free events to the public, including the Radio Bristol sessions. One of them is even today, one tomorrow, a shape note singing. I know you have plans after it, and that would be a hunka lot to do, but you could consider doing both.

Just one more free event for ya! :)

Comment by Maggie Fri Mar 24 09:44:17 2017
I love it that you loved it. Sounds like it caught you wonderfully off guard and worked magic upon you!
Comment by Jennifer Fri Mar 24 19:39:39 2017

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime