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Catch and crunch

pattern a 22 caliber rat shot bullet leaves behind

Jake's comment on my post about 22 caliber pest control got me thinking.

Our Phoenix Arms 22 caliber pistol is called a Long Rifle which I'm guessing means the barrel is rifled to improve accuracy.

I stood 7 feet away and shot a cardboard box that showed a pattern about 12 inches wide. What was weird is right after I did that a rat scurried out of the weeds with Lucy standing by to see what we were doing. Anna yelled "Get it Lucy!" and Lucy caught it and crunched it within a few seconds. The term "Good Girl" is a vast understatement today.

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refers to the size of the 22 ammunition. there are a plethora of 22 shells. 22LR is the second smallest of them. See link for some detail

Comment by tom Sun Mar 9 16:27:17 2014

The point of rifling is to make a bullet spin, giving it spin stabilisation to prevent it from tumbling. This only works when a tight-fitting bullet engages the grooves in the barrel.

So with buckshot it won't work. I'd suspect that you'd even get a greater dispersion than with a smoothbore barrel. And that seems to be the case.

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Mar 9 21:04:06 2014
.22 ammo is available in three lengths- short, long and long rifle. If your pistol is marked long rifle make sure that is what you use. The shorts and longs wont feed properly and your pistol may jam.
Comment by jeff Tue Mar 11 11:26:19 2014

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