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Cabbage recipe followup

Sauteing cabbageThanks to your great recipe suggestions, we've used up two heads of cabbage this week!  I cooked up the first head in this recipe emailed to me by a friend:

"Slice up cabbage. [I used a whole head.] Grate 1-2 carrots.  [I used 2.]  Chop some bacon.  [I used two slices.]  Saute bacon in nice big skillet.  [Clearly, mine needed to be bigger!]  When cooked, remove bacon, leaving the fat.  Cook cabbage and carrots until just barely tender.  Toss bacon back in and snarf it up, nom nom nom." --- Jennifer

Cabbage pizza skillet

I liked Jennifer's recipe a lot, but even with the bacon, it just barely made the cut for Mark, so I moved on to the Cabbage Pizza Skillet that another reader recommended.  (Bonus that this one is a full meal rather than just a side dish!)  Cabbage Pizza Skillet will definitely merit multiple repeats since Mark and I are always looking for grain-free dishes that push those pizza buttons.  I'd say this one might be a little closer to lasagna than to pizza, but it tastes great!  Expect it to feed four hungry people.

With just one head of cabbage left, we'll have to make some hard choices between the other excellent suggestions.  I'm leaning toward Erin's baked cabbage recipe, although we don't keep aluminum foil in the house.  I wonder if it would work inside the Dutch oven....

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For some reason I'm having a hard time commenting! Our favorite is cabbage, optional onion, and kielbasa (or some other sausage). We used to add noodles, but we don't eat them any more. It's a complete, filling dinner, and easy!
Comment by neca Sat Dec 14 09:44:13 2013
Thanks for the shout-out! If you try it, I hope you really enjoy it. My mom actually just suggested yesterday that I try it in a crock pot as part of our Christmas dinner, so I think it's worth a try to cook in the Dutch oven! You really could cook it until your desired consistency, so it could be an easy recipe to play around with. And I love the comment about kielbasa or sausage. I think my family's recipe would go really well with that addition, to create a full meal. Best of luck!
Comment by Erin Sat Dec 14 10:18:26 2013
This post is making me very hungry. I'm going to try the pizza and roasted cabbage recipes. We make something very similar to the top recipe from Jennifer except we use carrots and onions cooked for a few minutes in butter then add the cabbage and some green pepper. I'm going to try it with bacon next time as my grandkids LOVE bacon. Also we just killed a hog so I should have some bacon ready soon! I usually put a metal bowl or even another pan over my frying pan since it looks like it will overflow to start with, but cooks down pretty quickly. Yum, yum, yum.
Comment by Tee Sat Dec 14 12:56:19 2013
I found Krautflecken, or cabbage toss, made as in comment one, with noodles, onion, and carrot slices, in a compilation of Pennsylvania German recipes. Try with grated nutmeg, it''s great.
Comment by wilfredjr Sat Dec 14 18:04:11 2013

I have been cooking a Cabbage and Apple Fry for the past few years.

I use 1/2 head cabbage and one tart apple (granny smith is real good) The internet recipes suggest Caraway Seed for seasoning along with salt and pepper to taste. Heat oil in pan and toast seeds; add shredded cabbage and sliced apple and toss until crisp fried.

Your pizza was interesting. About all the cabbage taste was sublimated to the pepperoni and the sauce. I will be eating it again.

Comment by tom Thu Dec 26 11:12:35 2013

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