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Broody Cochin

Broody CochinThis angry looking hen is our one and only Cochin breed.

She's been displaying all the classic signs of being broody.

The last couple of days she has insisted I leave the day's haul of eggs with her for safe keeping.

We've been debating the possibility of buying a few fertilized eggs for the next generation of birds, and our white Cochin could do most of the work. It might be a skill that saves her from an early retirement.

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Broody Cochin
We have a broody black cochin that I'm itching to put some eggs under - if only we had room for more chickens!
Comment by Yanna Thu May 14 00:06:24 2009
comment 2
That's where we're at too, only with us it's more "if only we had TIME for more chickens!" :-)
Comment by anna Thu May 14 19:10:55 2009
comment 3
Cochins are very good at that!
Comment by azurelunatic [] Wed Jul 15 09:13:47 2009
comment 4
Yep. Ours finally stopped going all broody, but I'm hoping that next year when she gets broody, we'll be prepared.
Comment by anna Wed Jul 15 10:37:03 2009

We have four bantum cochins who have all gone broody. They spend all day in their coop. Is there a right way to help them to stop being broody? We have been locking them out of the coop ( they have food and water in their run)but are not sure if this is the best thing to do. Thanks for any help that you can give us and our girls!

Comment by Colleen Sun Jul 25 17:16:10 2010
We actually gave in to our hen's broodiness after a few months and just let her sit on some eggs. Kicking her off the nest repeatedly just didn't do the trick! On the other hand, it is useful to have a broody hen around now and then, so we figured she was worth her salt.
Comment by anna Sun Jul 25 20:36:26 2010

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