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Blog re-evaluation

Mark and Anna sitting in a Kubota x900.

Anna and I talked about the future of the Walden Effect blog this weekend and have decided to take a blogging vacation to to decide if we have enough homesteading activities going on to keep the blog alive.

If you want to be alerted to any random posts we may write in the interim, please scroll down the bottom of the sidebar and sign up for email alerts. Thanks for reading along!

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About us: Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton spent over a decade living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Virginia before moving north to start over from scratch in the foothills of Ohio. They've experimented with permaculture, no-till gardening, trailersteading, home-based microbusinesses and much more, writing about their adventures in both blogs and books.

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Hi Guys, I very rarely comment, but I wanted to know that I really like the shift the blog has made. Of course, it is different from when I first started reading the blog years ago, but all things change with time. To me, it's just like a friendship that started in college and progressed through life. It's different but still valued.
Comment by Liz Mon Nov 19 13:13:09 2018
I enjoy reading what you are doing even if it isn't 100% homestead related. There is almost always some nugget of information that I can take away from your posts.
Comment by Ned Mon Nov 19 17:07:49 2018
Iā€™m a longtime follower. I love your varied content. you may think some of it mundane, but I so love your pictures and short vignettes of your life. You open my eyes to other possibilities šŸ™‚
Comment by Heather Allen Mon Nov 19 20:01:14 2018

Although I fully understand wanting to not HAVE to write something each day, I certainly will miss my bedtime reading!!!

Love to both of you.


Comment by Sheila Tue Nov 20 00:42:32 2018

I've always enjoyed this site as an escape from from political/twitter feeds. If it's to be less a once a week - perhaps a bit more on the one, including video. I enjoy "process" how one overcomes/fixes/finds the way whether garden/tools/repairs.
good luck!

Comment by Jim Tue Nov 20 10:06:44 2018
Well thank you for all the years of sharing your lives with us. I will miss your daily adventures, but totally understand. Best of luck with this next stage of your lives.
Comment by P Tue Nov 20 10:55:13 2018
Just wanted to chime in to say that I enjoy reading your blog. I appreciate your commitment to posting every day - I like that you choose to share with us. But I can also appreciate the burden that puts on you, and how it might keep you from relaxing and enjoying your new life (which is still filled with interesting, but different, activities). I hope you will continue to post, even at a reduced frequency. Your outlook is refreshing and I like how you're taking time to enjoy your new town and all it has to offer.
Comment by Rhonda from Baddeck Tue Nov 20 23:23:52 2018

Your blog has been your sharing, and I really love all the variety, esp. the problem-solving ones (with Roland's answers!) but also the good photos. I can see you are less dependent now on the blog, yourselves. I think keeping your hand in, with weekly, or even bi-weekly blogs, which wd of course be less spontaneous, might be useful for both you and your readers, esp. with the plant-starting indoors season coming up. Your planting and home-improvement facets are the comfort zone, for me. But I think your own needs should come first. Since I really don't know the problems of maintaining a blog, maybe before you do leave for good, if you do, you could share some of this? That is, how you have developed a blog. This might be very useful for even HS students

When there are life-changes, I always think of Dylan Thomas' Farewell to the long-legged BAIT"--yes, your blog has been a bait! If you have to release it, we can still check back...!love, mom

Comment by adrianne Wed Nov 21 08:36:46 2018

Hi Anna,

Perhaps it could become an open place where anyone can share their growing tips? without the usual commercial harassment.


Comment by john Fri Nov 23 03:48:44 2018
Have been following along for years after coming across your blog entries multiple times when researching various gardening subjects. Since we are in the same USDA zone, and you are way more organized than I, Iv even used your posts as a reminder when I am behind on annual planting. So Il just add my agreement to those who have said whatever you feel like writing, Il keep reading. Best of luck.
Comment by Nick Mon Nov 26 13:04:11 2018
Well don't totally go away! I will sign up for the email alerts. :) And let us know when the old place sells!
Comment by Eric Mon Nov 26 18:58:39 2018
I have been following you two on and off over the years but before you two go can you tell me what ever happened to Lucy. Perhaps everyone would like to know the story of her from beginning to end.
Comment by Zimmy Wed Dec 12 20:13:16 2018

I hope you both have a very happy holiday.


Comment by John Mon Dec 17 14:10:28 2018

I learned and tiptoed through chicken keeping, goat keeping, garden growing etc thru you. I miss your posts but understand the reasons......I hope you are well but miss you........

Comment by Melissa Wilson Fri Jan 25 04:45:17 2019

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