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Best stainless steel drinking water container?

minox drinking water container

We've had the Minox 25 Liter stainless steel drinking container for almost three years now.

Our pump sends water from the well through a sediment filter and UV light where it gets stored in the Minox which is elevated on a shelf for gravity assistance.

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"Perfect for Distilling Alcohol"

Makes you wonder how many of these have been sold to moonshiners over the years? :-)

I think it would be normal to find a biofilm (slimy layer) on the inside of the vessel. Copper and its alloys are biocides which can inhibit that. But not steel, as far as I know.

With regard to its function; if your well water contains enough minerals, you should keep aluminium away from the stainless steel. They don't go well together.

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Oct 5 17:44:56 2015
I'd LOVE to see your indoor water set-up. I, too, live without running water . . .
Comment by Terry Tue Oct 6 14:36:15 2015

Terry --- Here's the long version of our water systems.

Roland --- Yeah, definitely some slime after not cleaning it out for a year or so. I figure it doesn't hurt anything, but Mark scrubs it out anyhow. Good point about the aluminum. I don't think we have any in the system.

Comment by anna Tue Oct 6 16:12:00 2015

Putting a UV light inside the stainless steel container might help.

It would be an extra step in cleaning your water and might keep the biofilm from forming.

Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Oct 7 14:47:39 2015
It might not have to be a hugely powerfull UV-light. Maybe try with some UV LEDs.
Comment by Roland_Smith Wed Oct 7 14:50:07 2015

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