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Bees visiting sawdust

Bees visiting a pile of sawdust

Honeybee on a notebookThe bees and I agree --- when it's fifty degrees in January, you have to be outside.

We also seem to share an obsession with sawdust piles.  With the whole world soggy, I can't imagine our fuzzy friends flew all the way around the trailer just to suck water out of some sawdust, so I assume they're getting something more interesting.  Minerals?  Fungi?  Any ideas?

Our homemade chicken waterer keeps our flock healthy and happy all year round.

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I found our honeybees playing in a pile of sawdust this morning... I'm glad we still have bees this year! But what are they doing in the sawdust? Anyone know? we have melting snow everywhere, so it couldn't be just the water. Strange. They were flipping themselves in it.
Comment by Carolyn Wed Mar 6 14:35:18 2013
Carolyn --- This post gives my best guess (with some interesting guesses in the comments as well. If you find anything more definitive, I'd be curious to hear it.
Comment by anna Wed Mar 6 15:02:00 2013

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