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Automatic chick waterer height adjustment

Brinsea chick brooder in action with cute chicks and automatic chick waterer with new mounting technique

Chicks grow fast, which means the height of the automatic waterer needs to be adjusted to fit their needs.

It's also important to make sure the waterer is secured with no risk of falling.

My new way of mounting takes just a few minutes more than hanging from a hook. The waterer gets attached to a piece of board with some plumbers strapping like in the photo above and the board screws into a 2x4 support beam. It's easy to unscrew the unit and move it up an inch or so as the chicks get older.

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Does one nipple work for that many baby chicks? Currently we have ten chicks between 1-2 weeks old. I have been using a quart canning jar with a chick waterer attachment. The go through lots of water and it sometimes gets poopy. I have an extra nipple left from your diy kit we bought a year or two ago. I've been reluctant to use it thinking the chicks need more than one nipple. I'd love your thoughts! Thanks!
Comment by Tracy Fri Apr 22 20:56:23 2011
You shouldn't have any problem at all with ten chicks. Our seventeen is pushing it a bit, and we'll add another waterer when we expand their brooder area this weekend. No trouble so far, though --- the chicks are so small that half a dozen of them can cluster around one nipple and drink at the same time! I'm a big fan of starting chicks off with clean water from day one since I think it makes them healthier in the long run.
Comment by anna Fri Apr 22 21:04:07 2011

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