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Appalachian ice sculpture

easy ice sculpture

It's been two years since I completed my first Appalachian ice sculpture.

Yesterday the mood struck again when Anna emptied out a frozen bucket.

A fun way to play in the cold when you have less than an inch of snow.

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Looks like a post apocaliptic rooster. Ha! Ha!
Comment by mona Mon Jan 6 17:08:35 2014
We are 3rd year hobbyists, making just under a gallon the past 2 years. We may get 2 gallons this year at the rate we're going. We've been boiling off 10 gallons a day and it freezes at night, or is under 40, or in the deep freeze as it is now. We're having the epic blizzard, so the half processed 7% sugar potful we have out there is patently biding its frozen solid time til the next round of caramelization. Sap capturing is now in a race with the sun, for chloryphyll production, to draw every last drop of the lovely clear sap, before it goes green. Making maple syrup is a beautiful, multi-week celebration of Spring coming in.
Comment by Sue Kaufman Tue Mar 14 10:58:39 2017

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