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Another piece of homesteading sculpture?

how to attract local polinator populations to your area

Can you guess what Anna was thinking when she asked me to mount this charred piece of firewood on an east facing surface today?

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"The mushrooms will thrive better there." ? :)
Comment by Walden Effect Junkie Mon Dec 26 16:48:26 2011
Good guess (knowing me), but nope. Try again! :-)
Comment by anna Mon Dec 26 17:21:36 2011
Judging from the small holes drilled in it, and facing it east, I would say Mason Bee house?
Comment by Eric in Japan Mon Dec 26 18:09:16 2011
In fact, if you got the wood from someone as a gift, you could say it is a FreeMason Bee house...
Comment by Eric in Japan Mon Dec 26 18:55:16 2011

I guess you get an A! :-) Actually, I used several different drill bit sizes to attract a variety of native bee species, but that's close enough.

Pretty good pun, too. :-)

Comment by anna Mon Dec 26 19:37:37 2011
My daughter forwarded you site to me, and here I am at 5:12 AM (cat eats early) laughing. FreeMason Bees indeed.
Comment by Carmen Tue Dec 27 06:16:09 2011
Very clever humor! You are always doing the neatest things at your farm.
Comment by Brandy Tue Dec 27 06:50:39 2011
I'm so glad Eric's joke made you all chuckle as much as it did me. :-)
Comment by anna Tue Dec 27 12:02:20 2011

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