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Another lost dog

Mystery dog shows up unannounced

A lost dog found his way back to our farm today.

He's got a choke chain but no tag, and he's very friendly and obedient.

We posted a photo at the local post office bulletin board. Hopefully we'll find his owner, but if that fails we'll try to find him a good home.

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Looks like he's already found a good home.
Comment by Errol Tue Jan 13 16:03:12 2015
Aaaahhh, he's pretty!
Comment by Chad Tue Jan 13 16:58:12 2015
Looks like a very smart and alert dog
Comment by Jim Tue Jan 13 18:48:45 2015
How does Lucy take to having another canine on the property?
Comment by Sheila Tue Jan 13 21:14:36 2015
... on that dog! (You, too, of course, Anna…)
Comment by Heather in CA Tue Jan 13 22:07:50 2015
That's what keeps deer out of my garden :) Pretty dog.
Comment by Nita Wed Jan 14 09:26:49 2015
We've had the mystery dog a full day now and he still seems nice. Lucy is okay with him at the moment because he submits to her, but we want to find him a home ASAP. He's got a bit of a Lassie vibe to him and with a little bit of training could be an awesome dog.
Comment by mark Wed Jan 14 16:26:47 2015

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