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Another egg eating hen?

Chickens grazing in the new PVC run.

We retired our problem egg eating hen only to realize she had a partner in crime.

The new plan is to try to collect the eggs as they get laid in hopes of the criminal hen forgetting about the egg eating process.

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Solitary confinement
Comment by Errol Hess Wed May 3 16:10:22 2017
Argh...Unfortunately, this behavior is contagious. I had to dispatch four of my White Rocks this winter for this very thing. Pretty easy to spot the culprits, too, as they literally had egg on their faces. Good luck
Comment by Julie K Whitmore Wed May 3 19:50:51 2017
Do your hens have access to shell grit? I found when I supplied shell grit, the egg eating stopped. They're looking for calcium in most cases, but not all.
Comment by Chris Thu May 4 05:38:17 2017
My kids blew out an egg and refilled it with sriracha hot sauce, then put our egg eater in a solo cage. She never ate another egg again, and lived to a happy old age.
Comment by Marly Hornik Fri May 5 13:29:15 2017

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