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After Christmas Yard Work

Mark cutting down the plumAnother half inch of rain fell yesterday morning, but by lunch time the sky had cleared --- perfect weather to go out and look around.  On Christmas, Mom noticed that some of my garlic were poking green shoots up out of the ground, so I mulched them with leaves to put them back to sleep for a couple more months.

While I was mulching, Mark came out with the chainsaw.  He was going to cut up some more firewood, but I side-tracked him, begging him to take down the wild plum first.  Now if the soil ever dries we'll be able to put our new plum in the ground!

Next, I gathered up masses of old bark from around the wood chopping station to scatter in the mud outside our trailer door.  The last few weeks' endless rains have turned heavily travelled parts of the yard into mud pits, and I hope that some judicious application of bark will make it a bit safer as we slip and slide our way in and out the door.

I moved the predator eyes to new locations, helped Mark split some wood then stack it by the stove, and gathered some kale for supper.  Life doesn't get much better than when I can spend an afternoon completely outside!

(Oh, yeah, and public service announcement to the one other woman in a thousand who buys fresh underpants once every four years --- the sizes on the outside of those six packs are not the same as your pants size.  If you buy the size which is the same number as your pants size, when you open your package of new underpants the day after Christmas and hold one up to your waist, you'll find that you could fit two or three of you in each one.  Turn the package over and read the size chart before buying!  Doggone it --- no fresh underwear for me!)

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