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A real farmer...

Straw in car

...knows how many bales of straw he can fit in his car.

The parts Festiva can hold eight once you strap four to the roof.

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I don't know how many times I was in a supermarket parking lot growing up, watching the goat in the backseat while my mother ran errands inside . . . :) real farmers' cars!

Comment by Charity Sat Nov 26 23:02:31 2011
Impressive! My dad knows how much hay his truck holds. :-)
Comment by Brandy Sun Nov 27 06:00:06 2011

Charity --- Knowing how many goats fits in your car is even more farmerly.

Brandy --- Sounds like your dad's a real farmer.

Comment by anna Sun Nov 27 10:05:06 2011

When the famous Citroën 2CV was designed in 1936, it was to:

  • Carry four farmers and 110 lb of goods to the market across unpaved roads
  • Get 78 mpg!
  • Be able to drive across a ploughed field without breaking the eggs it was carrying

Now that's a farmers car!

Comment by Roland_Smith Sun Nov 27 17:39:43 2011
I love it! Can I have one?
Comment by anna Sun Nov 27 18:00:54 2011

A relatively small number was sold in the US. But in the US Citroën was marketed as a luxury brand (e.g. the gorgeous and very advanced DS), so it didn't fit the branding well.

There are probably secondhand cars around. There is even a US 2CV club, which has links to people selling them on their website.

Technically it was very advanced for its time. From the suspension to the four inboard disk brakes and the extremely simple and reliable engine.

An aunt of mine who lives in Switzerland used to have one. In the winter when there was a lot of snow on the roads, she sometimes had to go up the steep road leading to her house backwards because that way shed'd have more traction on the front-drive wheels. :-)

Comment by Roland_Smith Mon Nov 28 16:11:58 2011
Yeah, I definitely wouldn't want any luxury version...
Comment by anna Mon Nov 28 20:00:39 2011

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime