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9 frame super

Nine frame superMark's friend Dennis looked at my first honey extraction post and gently asked Mark, "Do you all use nine frame supers or ten frame supers?"  The honest truth is that I'd read about nine frame supers, but hadn't quite wrapped my head around them.

A quick search of the internet explained that a nine frame super is quite simple --- you remove one frame from each honey super and space the remaining frames a little further apart.  The bees will extend the wax out further from the frame, making the frame much easier to uncap during extraction.  As an added bonus, some websites suggest that nine frame supers actually hold more honey than ten frame supers since you lose less room between frames.

When I was harvesting honey last week, I turned all of our ten frame supers into nine frame supers, which had the added bonus of providing me with an extra super full of frames to pop onto the third hive.  Some people buy special tools to let them space nine frames apart evenly, but I just spaced the frames by eye.  I guess we'll see how the nine frame supers do on our next honey harvest day.

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I'm excited to see how this turns out! I'm really grateful to y'all and everyone else beekeeping and blogging -- it'll make our eventual beekeeping so much less mystifying.
Comment by Laurel Mon Jun 21 08:44:24 2010
My beek mentor (Chuck Jesse Ft. Valley, VA) does this and his bees readily oblige, although he uses 8 frame equipment. It still works!
Comment by Dean Mon Jun 21 13:14:48 2010
So I assume he takes out one frame and turns his supers into 7 frame supers? It does seem to be the way to go!
Comment by anna Mon Jun 21 20:53:12 2010

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