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Avian Aqua Miser FAQ

automatic chicken watererOur chicken waterer page has moved to its own domain so that it has room to spread out.  Please head over there and check out the new information.  Thanks for dropping by!

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You guys are geniuses! Such a simple idea, yet one I would never have thought of. my shorter hens caught on right away. I need another, to hang higher, so the taller hens can do it too. I'm so sick of water full of hay, the way they do, and tipped over, the way they do. And breaking ice, and on and on. I'm back for another aquamiser, with gratitude. I plan to buy one each month, so next winter, my life will be easier! Warmly, Rosemary

Comment by Rosemary Wed Feb 25 16:17:59 2009
comment 2
Rosemary --- thank you so much for your kind enthusiasm! We're thrilled with the Avian Aqua Miser and are glad you like it too! (You might consider upgrading to a three pack if you plan to get a lot --- three for the price of two... :-) )
Comment by anna Wed Feb 25 21:10:34 2009
DIY question..

I have enjoyed reading about your farm. We have about two hundred chickens (and thirty guineas) for meat and eggs. We have built big tractors with wheels that we move using our tractor. I have a question about your Aqua Miser. Does the water container need to be airtight? I am thinking about (used, clean) five gallon buckets but most of the time the lid won't go back on and form a good seal. Is that a problem?

Comment by Mary in Mississippi Wed Jul 22 23:02:25 2009
comment 4
Mary --- lack of an airtight seal is a perk, not a problem. Otherwise, you'd have to drill a hole in the lid to prevent a suction from forming. Some folks have had great luck making five gallon bucket waterers with no lid at all (although I can see how in a tractor you'd want the lid to prevent sloshing.)
Comment by anna Thu Jul 23 07:36:35 2009

Hi, I'm seeking a solution to birds dancing their water buckets over, but, with the cold season coming on, I was wondering how freezing weather affects the performance of the nipples. J

Comment by Jo Thu Oct 1 23:14:29 2009
comment 6

Jo, We're working on a good way to keep them from freezing, but haven't come up with one yet. Some of our customers have had good luck putting a light bulb near the waterer in their coop, but that won't work if you have extremely cold winters.

We use the half gallon version of the waterers, and I find it very easy to just bring them in each evening and put out fresh water the next morning. They stay so clean that it's no problem to hang them on a shelf in the kitchen. Of course, that's much easier with smaller waterers than if you made a bucket waterer.

I hope that helps!

Comment by anna Fri Oct 2 15:58:39 2009

One very unique homestead, $1,500 per acre, the opportunity of a lifetime